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GSM, GPS L1 and LoJack Jamming Detector


GPS/GNSS jamming and denial of PNT (Position, Navigation, Timing) services is becoming more and more problematic each day. The time and money lost from GPS jamming and interference is measured in millions of dollars on a global scale. Cheap and easily accessible jammers at the cost of $30 are being used on a daily basis - corporations, law enforcement and government entities need to defend their critical infrastructure, marine ports, trucking lines, airports, roadways, and other secure areas to eliminate these threats.

It has become increasingly popular for truckers and taxi cabs to “disappear” from the map using illegal jammers. Jammers are likewise being used in very high numbers for car and cargo thefts as well as evading paying toll bridge fees and road pricing, and to avoid tracking by law  enforcement.

All infrastructure around a GPS jammer is heavily affected including ILS (Instrument Landing Systems) in airports, military installations, and any operation dependent on receiving correct and uninterrupted position and timing signals - eg. for a stock exchange it is extremely critical with correct timing down to the milli-second for financial transactions


The J-ALERT warns against any illegal blocking of the GPS Signals and helps in locating the jammer device. With a built-in standard NO/NC relay it allows for triggering other equipment when a jammer is detected, such as a camera system, remote messaging system or the alike.


  1. VEHICLE AND CARGO THEFT -J-ALERT will detect jammers in use for Vehicle and Cargo thefts. Jammers are used by criminals to defeat both Commercial onboard navigation and recovery systems as well as Law Enforcement tracking systems.
  2. DRUG/CONTRABAND SMUGGLING - Frequently criminals transporting drugs and contraband will operate jammers to defeat law enforcement tracking efforts even if they only think they are being tracked by law enforcement. This is a great Interdiction Tool for officers to form grounds to stop vehicles. (Probable Cause / Reasonable and Probable Grounds)
  3. PAROLEE SECURITY - J-ALERT will detect Parolees on GPS tracking using Jammers to avoid detection of entering prohibited areas (playgrounds, bars).
  4. SURVEILLANCE TROUBLESHOOTING & ADVANCE RECON - J-ALERT should be part of every Police installer’s kit to determine if Jamming already exists on a vehicle or troubleshooting why you can’t track a target, thereby eliminating unnecessary approaches to target vehicles for Officer Safety. If reconnaissance reveals the use of Jammers by the subject then alternative surveillance methods can be planned for and implemented.
  5. PROTECTION OF CRITICAL INFRA-STRUCTURE - Unlawful jamming of communcations and data is a growing concern. Protect yourself and your organization from the threat of communication & telemetry jamming by taking advantage of the J-ALERT's ability to warn you of criminal activities, providing protection to drivers and cargo.
  6. BORDER CROSSINGS - Use J-ALERT at Border Crossings and Toll Bridges to detect unlawful GPS jammers onboard vehicles.
  7. ROAD PRICING - Detect attemps to evade Road Pricing systems.

  8. GENERAL AWARENESS - Use J-ALERT as a general awareness device in patrol cars, at airports and parking lots.
  9. CRITICAL AREAS - Use in all areas where a correct and uninterrupted reception of PNT signals (Position, Navigation and Timing) is critical to your operations; Stock Trade transactions, Airport Navigation Systems, Power Plants ...
Directional antenna for locating a GPS jammer device

Directional Antenna Kit
A directional antenna kit is available for easier location of jamming devices.

J-ALERT  Front
- Switch for external power, off or built-in battery
- Alarm Type Indicator
- Signal Strength Indicator

GSM, GPS L1 Jammer Detector and Locator - front side
GSM, GPS L1 Jammer Detector and Locator - back side

J-Alert Back
- NO/NC relay output port
- Antenna Connectors
- USB port for external power supply and charging
   built-in battery, also used for firmware upgrades

Detect GSM, GPS and LOJACK jamming